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A weekly newsletter gathering posts on Live Journal about the TV show Farscape
farscape_weekly is a weekly newsletter that collects links from around Livejournal and the Farscape community about all sorts of fandom stuff: fanart, fanfiction, vids, icons, etc. Each week we'll update with links to icon challanges, fanfiction challanges, ficathons, remixes, news, reccs and more.

If you would like to make an announcement or report a broken link, you can email the mods at fsweekly@gmail.com or comment on the most recent post.

Note: fs_watch is a journal used to keep track of Farscape fans on LJ purely for ease of compiling public, FS-related posts. Please do not friend it back. That idea stolen from _in_babylon. :) Original newsletter idea goes to quickquote.

Membership is open, but only moderators can post. Click here to join!

Have more questions about the community? Check this post. Updates are every other Monday by evening ET (US).

UPDATE JUNE 2008: As noted here, starting June 23, 2008, the farscape_weekly newsletter will be published every 2 weeks. Publication dates for 2011 are:

Jan 10
Jan 24
Feb 7
Feb 21
Mar 7
Mar 21
Apr 4
Apr 18
May 2
May 16
May 30
Jun 13
Jun 27
Jul 11
Jul 25
Aug 8
Aug 22
Sep 5
Sep 19
Oct 3
Oct 17
Oct 31
Nov 14
Nov 28
Dec 12
Dec 26

Thank you!

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