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unfriendly black hottie [userpic]
Farscape Weekly Update 13 December 2011
by unfriendly black hottie (sugargroupie)
at December 13th, 2011 (08:40 pm)

Comics News (assume some links contain spoilers)
- none

- The Flame and the Figment by damnedscientist (rated PG-13)
- Untitled Chiana/D'Argo fic by nebari_rebel (rated R)
- Unfinished Business, A Chance for Redemption, Ashes to Ashes and Postcards from the Aftermath by nymeria_55 (rated PG-13)

Ficathons and Fic Challenges
- none

Icons and Fanart
- 12 icons by spud66cat
- 50 icons by ghanimasun
- 20 icons by thyla87
- 20 icons by jsfunction
- 20 icons by nebari_rebel
- 26 icons by ghanimasun
- 110 icons by famira
- 11 icons by watchpoint
- 20 icons by nebari_rebel

Icon Challenges
- none

- Show Time by diarmi

- famira rematches seasons one through four and the mini series
- nebari_rebel discusses Farscape #24 comic

- none

Everything else
- Farscape LA Con photos here and here by kimuracarter
- Claudia Black picspam by virkatjol
- Ben Browder birthday picspam by kazbaby
- Pictures of the Farscape cast from Dragon*Con 2010 posted by abby_j
- picspam of They've Got a Secret, Til the Blood Runs Clear, Rhapsody in Blue and The Flax by nebari_rebel

farscape_weekly is always open for comment. How is this format working for you? Have an interesting link I missed? Prefer not to have your link up here? Please drop us a line at fsweekly@gmail.com or comment on this post for any and all of the above.